We are all what we eat!  We have designed our menus to provide a healthy and well balanced diet for your child. On arrival at Before School club your child will be offered a light breakfast of porridge and cereal and this is followed by a two course snack tea at 3.15 pm for the After School Club.

Weekly Menu’s

Week One

Snack Tea
Monday Rice cakes with cucumber Potato waffles and spaghetti hoops
Tuesday Veg sticks with hummus Crumpets, cheese and tomatoes
Wednesday Breadsticks, cherry tomatoes and mozzarella Beans on toast
Thursday Oatcakes and peaches Muffins, jam and cheese
Friday Malt loaf and grapes Beans on toast

Week 2

Snack Tea
Monday Breadsticks, cherry tomatoes, mozzarella Crackers, chicken slices, cheese spread
Tuesday Rice cakes with cucumber Scones and jam
Wednesday Banana loaf Tiger bread, ham and cheese
Thursday Veg sticks with hummus Bagels with Philadelphia
Friday Oat cake with peaches Cheese and tomato pizza with wedges