School Leavers BBQ

School Leavers BBQ


On Saturday 21st June Dolphins Day Nursery held our annual School Leavers BBQ.  The weather was extremely kind and we basked in glorious sunshine!  The children and parents enjoyed the food and bought lots of delicious cakes from our cake stall, tickets from our tombola and raffle.  The children got creative and had their faces painted, we had lots of roaring tigers and fluttering butterflies!  All the twenty six school leavers were presented with a certificate and phonics dictionary.  We hope you will remember your time at Nursery.  We will certainly miss you all!!

Being 2!


Being a two year old is all about ME! I am interested in the world around me and use all my senses to explore my surroundings, everything I see is ‘mine’ and ‘I want’ everything!

I am curious but cautious with unfamiliar things, I am lively and energetic and ‘into everything’.  Being physical is important to me as I learn to control my body, running, climbing and jumping.

I am beginning to make and develop relationships with my peers and will play with a friend, my ideas are developing and I enjoy being imaginative and being challenged.

As carers is it our role to support our two year olds by observing their interactions and interests and extending these to optimise their learning potential.  Making eye contact and discussing all aspects of their lives helps them to gain understanding and make links with other known information.  We must encourage independence and allow them to make their own choices and decisions to help build their self-esteem and grow into strong independent adults.