The Whales Room


Higher Level Teaching Assistant


Nursery Nurse


Nursery Nurse


Nursery Apprentice

The learning within the Whales room is geared towards preparing your child for school. Encouraging their independence in areas such as personal hygiene and at dinner times is important.  We encourage the children to wash their hands before each meal and the children are encouraged to help themselves to snack and drinks. Number and letter sound rhymes feature daily within the over threes room. We encourage the children to mark make and if appropriate write the letters in their name. At the end of the academic year before your child starts school a report will be written of your child’s achievements within the Early Years Foundation Stage. This will be passed onto your child’s school in order for their new teacher to understand fully your child’s progress within the EYFS.

Our Daily Routine

  • 7.30 – 8.30 Registration/free play
  • 8.30 Breakfast
  • 8.55 Circle time
  • 9.10 Focused activities in conjunction with free play
  • 10.30 Tidy up time
  • 10.45 Snack
  • 11.25 Story time
  • 11.40 Lunch
  • 12.20 Quiet time
  • 12.35 Focused activities and free play
  • 2.30 Tidy up time
  • 3.15 Music and movement, show and tell
  • 3.30 Tea
  • 4.15-6 Free play, home time

Children have access to outdoors anytime they choose throughout the day