Dolphins Day Nursery at Horsforth: Prices

Under 3’s                        7.30am-6.00pm           £48.50

Over 3’s                          7.30am-6.00pm           £46.50

Over 3’s am                    7.30am-1.00pm           £26.00

Over 3’s pm                    1.00pm-6.00pm           £24.00

School Day                     9.00-3.00pm                £28.00

To register your child please download the Horsforth Booking Form on the Useful Information Page. We do not charge VAT and all payments are made in advance either via Standing Order or BAC’s transfer. We do not accept, cash, cheques or Credit Cards. We do accept Childcare Vouchers.

It is our policy, upon receipt of your application, to receive a deposit comprising the sum of your first month’s fees which will pay for your first months fees. If you are applying to go on the waiting list then an administration fee of £30 is due.

Our fees are worked out over 51 weeks as we are closed between Christmas and New Year. Full fees are payable for any family holidays, for weeks shortened by a Bank Holiday or a Child’s sickness. Fees are paid in advance by Standing Order on the 1st of each month. We accept a variety of childcare vouchers and children over three are eligible for the government funded free 15 hours.  We also offer free places to vulnerable 2 year olds, this is means tested and not available to all families.

Please see following link for more information for Free Early Education Entitlement (FEEE)